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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes readers’ dreams

Lauren Lawrence


Sunday, October 25, 2015, 4:00 AM

Not being able to break may indicate a desire for confrontation, or to make an impactful impression.Istockphoto


I dreamed that I was driving in my car but I couldn’t brake. I panicked that I couldn’t stop the car. My foot was pressing on the brake but nothing happened to slow down the car and I was afraid I would hit something or someone. What does this mean?

Ramona Singer, Manhattan

Analysis: Not being able to brake allows you to crash into something. This desired impact reveals the wish for confrontation and/or to make a lasting impression. In truth, something or someone needs to be addressed forcibly. Although loss of control issues must be dealt with, at the heart of the dream is the wonderful, self-empowering reassurance that you cannot break, meaning you will remain intact and whole in any given situation. You are that strong.


I was sexually abused as a child, and have a 6-year-old niece in reality. I recently dreamed that a big man snatched my young niece from out of my car window. When she returned, I asked her what happened. She said the man took her for a ride around the corner, molested her and dropped her back off. Now that’s scary. What does this mean?

Stephanie R., Manhattan

Analysis: Sexual abuse is traumatic to the psyche. Because it is never forgotten, the horrific event is often repressed in the unconscious; other times it is displaced onto someone else. In this view, the niece who is snatched and abused is self-referential. That open window represents consciousness – one’s inner view – something rough impacted that view. But what was snatched away was a part of your adolescence: You were robbed of your youth. To the extent that the abused resent those who did not protect them, being taken for a ride reveals emotional betrayal. In truth, trust was taken for a ride.

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