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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes readers’ dreams

Lauren Lawrence


Sunday, November 29, 2015, 4:00 AM

The death of a former love can deaden a part of you that remains numb, a part that needs to let go.


Before going to bed, I wondered why I can’t remember my childhood. Then I dreamed I was with a girl who wanted to buy fried calamari from a street vendor. I didn’t want to eat the poor creature; one of the squids was still alive inside the fried batter. It made me cry. When I went with her to a dark beach with black sand to release it in the ocean, I saw the silhouettes of a king and queen facing each other; death with his scythe sat alongside them on a chair facing the ocean. Please interpret this dream.

Iris A., Oslo, Norway

Analysis: Having no memories of childhood is often a sign of repressed past traumatic abuse. In that the ocean signifies the unconscious mind, releasing the squid into the ocean reveals the wish to free a part of you that actively represses the traumatic experience. In other words, trauma is alive within you begging for release. In this view, the girl is self-referential; the king and queen are the generic parental duo absorbed with each other. Anger over their neglect manifests itself in the form of death.


In a recurring dream, I search for the former love of my life. I know he’s dead, but I must find his grave to remember his name. But at the grave, the writing on the surface turns to unreadable squiggles. When I ask for someone to help me find him, an irritated voice from behind me says, “Will somebody tell her that she’s dead?” Please interpret this dream.

Gina Burdick, New Jersey

Analysis: The dream reveals a grave conflict: One the one hand, you wish not to validate the death of your lover by seeing his name on the grave. On the other hand, the voice from behind – representing what was repressed in the past – wishes you to acknowledge that the death of your former love has deadened a part of you that remains numb, a part that needs to let go.

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