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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes readers’ dreams

Lauren Lawrence


Updated: Sunday, November 8, 2015, 2:34 PM

The all-seeing eye in the sky may serve as a powerful guidepost.William Attard McCarthy


I saw that I was dreaming within my dream. Above me, I saw a huge eye in the sky that I supposed was an “all-seeing eye.” It was entirely light green and it blinked at me when I looked up at it. I awoke within the dream whimpering and continued to cry when I truly awakened. What does this mean?

Shari L., Portland, Ore.

Analysis: Watching yourself sleep in a dream reveals the need to be watched over during a time when you are not in control; this willful need for heightened vigilance reveals it is hard letting go. Because nothing must be left to chance, the all-seeing eye in the sky serves as a powerful guidepost. While awakening within a dream signifies the dawning of the self, it may also symbolize the wish for revelation. Yet in this eye-opener, where the introspective eye can also represent ego and self, you cry because you may not like what you see.


I dreamed that my boyfriend wore a horseshoe necklace when he introduced his sick mother to my mother, who, in reality, passed away three years ago. The necklace was misshapen, so I straightened it out. I wanted my mother to meet his mother, but a buzzer went off and no one knew how to shut it. It was my alarm clock. Please decipher this dream.

Karen Mewborn, Brooklyn

Analysis: There is the wish to control and reshape an ironclad situation. In other words, something needs to be straightened out. One never knows, however, if in trying to gain a more equal footing with your boyfriend, you may wish for his mother’s passing so she may join your mother in death. When the buzzer prevents the furthering of this thought, one understands that you were saved by the bell.

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