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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes News readers’ dreams

Lauren Lawrence


Sunday, January 24, 2016, 4:00 AM

A door being penetrated is symbolic of what has entered and threatened consciousness.


In a recurring dream, I see all of these scary-looking men wearing black scarves over their faces similar to the ones the ISIS terrorists wear. They are extremely angry, violent men and they are banging in my door. I stand there frozen with my four grandchildren around me, and then I awaken terrified. Please interpret this nightmare.

Jane T., Morristown, N.J.

Analysis: Your recurring dreams reveal the extent to which world events impact and play havoc with the psyche. The banging in of your door reinforces this view: The door that is penetrated or breached is symbolic of what has entered and threatened consciousness. Being frozen represents control issues and feelings of helplessness, vulnerability and weakness. There is anxiety over protecting your world and what you hold most dear.


I dreamed I was in an unfamiliar city where I had special powers. I could submerge underground and travel at fast speed through doors and people. My boyfriend – who has a drinking problem in reality — had the same powers, so I couldn’t catch up to him. When I did, he was already going to another place. Then I climbed a hill that would have been difficult without my special powers. I was especially proud that I walked up easily because I was pulling a wagon full of heavy objects. What does this mean?

Lauren V., Rumson, N.J.

Analysis: An unfamiliar city represents unconsciousness. Delving underground reveals the wish to unearth what has been repressed in the psyche. There is anxiety over a weighty problem – your love relationship. Trying to reach your boyfriend is of great importance; it represents the need to reason with him. At the core of this self-empowerment dream is an extraordinary symbol: Pulling a wagon filled with heavy objects up the hill reveals the wish to help your boyfriend surmount his drinking problem by getting on the wagon.

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