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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


I dreamed I was in a laboratory that was under construction. There was a mishap. A girl accidentally released a strong, toxic gas. As a chemistry student (in reality) I easily recognized it. I asked one mother to bring her child outside and I brought out a baby and saved them. Once outside, I was checking the baby’s pulse. Please decode this dream.

—Anoushka Neerunjun, Mauritius, East Africa

Being in a laboratory reveals the need to research or scrutinize aspects of the personality. As such, the ongoing construction is self-referential. It reveals that self-identity — or your perceived role in society — is a work in progress that needs clarification. The girl who mistakenly releases toxic gas is also self-referential. This view suggests a lack of self-confidence. This lack of trust in yourself is compensated by the saving of other people. Bottom line: You really wish to save yourself from the possible error of your ways.


Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes readers’ dreams

I dreamed I saw a dead bulldog lying paws-up and recognized he was my puppy. I asked someone what happened and was told he was beaten until his nose fractured, and he drowned. I held my dog and went after the killer. Shovel in hand, I walked to a mountaintop to dig the hole where I was going to bury my dog. My father ran over as I kneeled with my right hand on the ground, resigned to let go of my best friend. Please decode this dream.

—Angelica Palomares, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

In this separation anxiety dream, a terrible break or fracture is recognized, but the death of the puppy symbolizes the death of childhood and dependency. In this view, the burying of the puppy — your youth and parental attachment — is so difficult a task, it involves some sort of sacred promise. With your right hand on the ground, and your father as witness, it is as if you must swear on a Bible to resolve to let go.


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