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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


I recently dreamed that my son was holding my phone. It fell from his hands and broke in two. I was very bitter and I scolded him. Then I picked up the phone and tried to put it back together again. Please decode this dream.

—Joy J., Manhattan

At the forefront is the wish to externalize blame for whatever has broken or come undone in your life. The broken phone represents a lack of communication at this time. In that a split or division has occurred, the dream may refer to marital discord, divorce or separation. Whatever the case, you wish to put back together or restore to normalcy that which has fallen apart. The cliché element “hold the phone,” holds meaning: You may need to slow something down.


Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams

I dreamed I was with my mother in a warehouse with hanging lights, standing in front of huge glass refrigerator doors. We were stocking the refrigerators with food to be sold. I was happily filling the refrigerator when I received a box with two large sick blackbirds with their wings open. This man put the birds on top of the refrigerator. They were alive but stiff and sick, with their feathers ruffled. We put the birds by a wall heater and had food for them. The birds were not moving but I knew they were alive. What does this mean?

—Michelle D., Brooklyn

The warehouse symbol often represents the unconscious mind, the place where repressed material is stored. Yet, sometimes, the warehouse represents the womb. In this view, the dream is an intrauterine memory of separation anxiety. Instead of the birth scenario, there is the wish to remain in the womb. To this end, the refrigerator reveals the wish to be preserved; the birds with opened wings do not fly so they can remain near the uterine wall and bodily heat of the mother to be nourished from within.


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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News’ readers dreams


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