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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


I dreamed I warned my sister about the large spiders spinning webs near an entrance. There was an even number of spiders in the center of their connecting webs. When I was ready for bed, I pulled back the covers and found ants emerging from the dots in the sheets. They appeared in a geometric formation. Neither spiders nor ants were aggressively attacking, just preventing my departure and ability to sleep. Please decode this dream.

— Maurice L., Baltimore

Bugs in the home represent an infringement or violation of personal space. In this view, an invasion of privacy is causing anxiety. The spider webs introduce the fear of being caught in a sticky situation. Similarly, pulling back bed covers signifies the wish to see what is beneath the surface of things. The ants’ geometric formation may reveal an attempt to bring order to an otherwise chaotic situation. In another view, dreaming of bugs means the obvious: Something is bugging you.


I dreamed a powerful man intended to kill my family, so we fled to a village in Thailand. My dad thought the bad guy would never find us. But as he opened the door, he saw the bad guy standing outside. My dad distracted him as I raced upstairs to the top floor where one wall was removed, exposing the inside of a church. I scaled down the church wall until I saw one of the henchmen dressed as a priest enter the building. I climbed back up before he could grab my feet and pull me down. What does this mean?

— Latoya M., Portland, Ore.

There is the wish to run from something threatening. The removed wall that exposes a church reveals a conflicted wish to connect with a higher power, a force for good. In this view, the henchman dressed as a priest represents a conceptual duality over what is good and bad. Similarly, there is a fear of losing grace, of being pulled down to a lower level of morality. As such, being chased reveals the wish to be chaste: Virtuous standards must be kept intact.


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