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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


In a recurring dream I get assaulted and instead of retreating, I go after my attacker and get him down on the ground and either grab him by the neck and keep smashing his head on the sidewalk until I kill him or else I smash his head a few times and actually bite his throat and rip it out … and it’s a bloody mess. My wife thinks this is too disgusting to mention but please let me know what it means.

— Larry W., Westport, Connecticut

Repressed feelings of vulnerability, weakness and victimization are replaced with aggressive urges and feelings of invulnerability, fearlessness and brute strength. In this view, this self-affirmation dream is one of empowerment. As such, the dream defends against timidity and/or passivity by overcompensating and fighting back. What appears as a visceral, inner rage, garners a hands-on response. Clearly, the animal instincts of the id have been aroused.


I had a pleasant dream that I was outside in my backyard with someone and saw two squirrels in a tree stump. I commented to the other person that we had just cleaned out the debris from that stump. When we walked over to the stump we saw that these two squirrels were storing their nuts for winter in the stump we had just cleaned. I thought it was nice to see this. Please interpret this dream.

— Karen Sayego, Hopewell Junction, NY

In this dream of preparedness there is the need to think long term so you will not be caught unawares. In this view, organization and planning ahead are prioritized. In another view, where the backyard represents the unconscious past, the act of cleaning debris from a stump may be self-referential. Old memories must be worked through and cleansed. Importantly, whatever has been stultified, cut off, or reduced in your life must be reconciled.


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