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Your Dreams: Analysis by Lauren Lawrence


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Dreamer avoids the lavishly appointed rooms in her own house.


In a recurring dream, I live in a house but only inhabit one part of it. There is a side door or passageway that leads to another part of the house. This part has large, lavish and ornately decorated rooms. Even though I admire these rooms, I don’t stay. I know the whole house belongs to me, including the part I don’t live in. Why do I leave this part?                       Michelle R., Queens

Analysis: Living in only one part of a house reveals emotional imbalance; worse, you preclude self-discovery and are not fulfilling your true potential. There is less room for self-expression. Because houses represent the self, the lavish, unlived-in part of the house symbolizes self-esteem. But living large, however, is not an option. You choose to stay within your comfort zone. Guilt may explain this inhibition, this need to hold back.


I dreamt I was in a building like an insane asylum. My oldest daughter tossed a hard-boiled egg at me that cracked open. I held the yolk tightly, warmed it in my hand and felt vibrations. I opened my hand and saw a baby chick. It pecked my daughter, so I put it in a baby’s playpen. Then I met a lady by a pool with water spouts. I jumped in and unplugged one of the spouts. The lady freaked out that I unplugged it, so I plugged it back in again. Please explain this dream.
                                                                                                   Shaydle Mendoza, Silver City, N.M.

Analysis: Despite being a mother of several daughters, your maternal instinct is aroused yet again. For the birth symbols — the egg and the pool of water — reveal this furtive, conflicted wish for another pregnancy. On the one hand, you take the plunge, unplug the water spout and reveal your wish to open up and spew forth. On the other hand, you rethink your action, plug up the spout and close off this fecund desire.


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