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Woman throws scalding hot water in supervisor's face over firing

An employee at a Florida truck stop, angry that she was being fired, threw scalding hot water in her manager’s face, leaving him with severe facial burns, authorities said.

Surveillance video captured the incident at 595 Truck Stop in Davie on Friday where police say 33-year-old Jondre Thomas was fired after she was accused of stealing money from the business, according to an arrest report obtained by NBC Miami.

Thomas was suspected of grand theft by the CEO of the truck stop and left the meeting with her bosses believing she was getting fired.

When Thomas went outside, she reportedly began talking with her immediate supervisor Claudio Salcedo and accused him of trying to get her fired and allegedly tossed boiling hot liquid straight into his face.

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Jondre Thomas believed her supervisor was responsible for having her job terminated and in response she threw scalding hot water in his face, police say

(Davie Police Department)

“You can clearly see her throwing this cup of hot water right in his face,” Davie Police Sgt. Mark Leone said of the surveillance footage.

Salcedo chased after Thomas and a physical confrontation began. Surveillance footage shows other employees and customers trying to break up the fight.

The victim told NBC Miami that Thomas caught him by surprise, allegedly telling him “you’ve been trying to get rid of me” before throwing the water in his face.

Thomas fled the area but was arrested at her home later that day. She is facing a felony charge of aggravated battery, according to online court records.

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Surveillance video captured the moment where police say Jondre Thomas threw a cup of scalding hot water in her supervisor’s face after learning she would be fired.

(Davie Police Department)

Salcedo suffered second degree facial burns and his eye was also injured in the attack.

Police say they’re still investigating and looking into the allegations of theft by Thomas.

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