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Woman says she thought baby she cut out of slain friend was hers

A Bronx woman accused of killing her childhood friend and slicing her baby from her womb told jurors Tuesday that she actually thought the infant was hers.

Ashleigh Wade, 24, who is accused of performing a crude caesarean section on Angelikque Sutton after plunging a knife into her last November, testified that she ripped the baby out of Sutton’s stomach because “she couldn’t have any more children die so I had to save her.”

“I thought that girl was mine,” Wade said under questioning from her attorney Amy Attias.

Angelikque Sutton

Angelikque Sutton


“Before I spoke to detectives, I thought the baby was mine. But I knew something was wrong because I didn’t remember her coming out of me. I didn’t remember taking off my pants.”

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Then Attias asked her if she killed her friend to steal her baby.

“No,” Wade replied.

Under cross-examination, Wade said that after ripping the child from Sutton’s womb, Wade testified that she thought the baby like her friend, had been killed in the gruesome attack.

“I was just upset that the baby was dead,” Wade said. “When the baby started screaming and crying I felt happy.”

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Wade also accused detectives of forcing her to make false statements in her initial interview after her arrest.

“They were calling me a liar and that I was crazy if I turned it in like that,” she said, referring to the original statement she gave police.

“They said it didn’t sound right, it sounded crazy and I didn’t want to sound crazy.”

In her account, Wade also wrote that she wanted the baby to be hers so badly that she let it “cloud her judgment.” Under oath, she testified that was also wrong.

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“I didn’t let it cloud my judgement because I believed it was real,” she said “The detectives told me to write that.”

The baby, now 22 months old, survived. Relatives named her Jenasis.

Cops said Wade tried to convince them that she gave birth to the child herself Nov. 20, 2015, saying, “It’s my baby,” as Sutton lay dying in a pool of blood.

Later, Wade — who said she had lost a baby of her own — claimed to cops that she knifed Sutton in self-defense.

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Police said Sutton was stabbed up to 20 times.

“I sat there thinking about my child that died and thought that I couldn’t have any more children die so I rescued the baby,” Wade wrote in her statement.

Wade is accused of faking a pregnancy for months before murdering Sutton.

Prosecutors said Wade and Sutton, 22, reconnected through Facebook, but when Sutton went to visit Wade at her Monticello Ave. apartment, she was greeted with a knife.

Last week, a juror passed out when prosecutors revealed autopsy photos of Sutton’s mutilated body.

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