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Woman makes a scene, asked to leave restaurant over Sriracha

One woman’s fiery reaction to a lack of condiments ended in handcuffs.

A Seattle woman was asked to leave a pizzeria after making a scene over receiving too little Sriracha with her meal. According to the Seattle Police Department Blotter, the woman called 911 in the early morning hours on Monday to complain that the restaurant’s employees were “yelling at her and calling her names.”

Police arrived on the scene and saw an intoxicated trio — the woman, 36, her male companion, 45, and another man, 29 — arguing outside of the establishment at about 2:15 a.m. The woman told the officers that she and her friend left the restaurant after a dispute with the staff. She said that they were then accosted by the younger man who threw a garbage can at her pal, hitting him in the leg.

“It is unclear how the 29-year-old man came to enter the strange scene,” the Blotter reads.

The restaurant’s staff then asked the police to remove the woman from the area because she created a “disturbance inside when she did not receive what she believed to be an adequate amount of Sriracha sauce.”

The officers noted that the woman “kept bringing up” the insufficient sauce issue and “attempted to divert (the) investigation from the assault to her irritation with the pizza parlor and her treatment (by the staff member) with the tattoos on the face.”

Although the 29-year-old was arrested, there’s no indication through the Blotter report that justice was ever served for the Sriracha skimp.

It’s unclear if the woman faced any charges.

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