A father and son duo are accused of falsifying business reports from the chicken wing spot they worked for, in the amount of $41,000. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) wonders if they’ve heard of accounting.

A ravenous son and an unbelievable brewery break-in are among the weirdest crime stories of the week:

1. Father-son duo accused of wrangling wings: Paul Rojek and son Joshua Rojek stand accused of pilfering $41,000 worth of wings from the Syracuse, N.Y., restaurant where they worked. And it’s allegedly not the first time they’ve pulled such a caper.

2. Inadvisable response gets woman busted for DWI: Karol Andino surely regrets not staying in her car instead of getting out near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel to ask cops where New Jersey was. Because she already was in New Jersey, a fact that resulted in a sobriety test. It didn’t go well.

3. Hit-and-run suspect ratted out by unlikely witness: When Cathy Bernstein insisted to a 911 dispatcher that she hadn’t been in a car accident, the dispatcher didn’t believe Bernstein: She believed Bernstein’s Ford Focus, which had technology that made the emergency call. When cops caught up with the Florida woman at her home, she confessed — and authorities found out where she had been rushing from.

4. Son goes to great lengths for his mom’s stew: It’s autumn, the season when we all start to crave comfort food, and 23-year-old Jonathan Ray is no different. He had a hankering for his mom’s homemade posole, so he texted his mother to say he was coming over. His mom said no, so Ray allegedly took it to the next level.

5. A brewery break-in you won’t believe: A man named Bud Weisser allegedly broke into the Budweiser Brewery in St. Louis. Previously, Weisser had been charged with breaking into a gas station, and he did something kind of weird with his mugshot after that incident.

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