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Wife's grocery list for husband is next level idiot-proof

An artist’s doodles and bullet points, designed to help her husband pick out better veggies, has gone viral in its hilarity.

Whenever Era Golwalkar sends her husband, Gaurav, to the store, she illustrates a grocery list of what various vegetables should — and shouldn’t — look like, and how much they should weigh. The couple, residents of Pune, India, take turns doing the shopping every other week, HuffPost reported.

Since she is a self-described foodie and he only “eats to live,” the talented wife began sketching him a guide to good produce. The latest list, posted to her Twitter, has been liked and retweeted nearly 7,500 times.

“This is the task I gave to my hubby last weekend!!” Golwalkar tweeted. “Even U guys shud follow this list for happy customers.”

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The list includes “small size” onions with a “round shape” and “medium size” potatoes with “no eyes” (complete with a Goldilocks-style “too small, too big, just right” infographic). Palak — or spinach — with “good leaves, no holes” and “less height” is ideal for their purposes.

The drawings and detail-heavy descriptions might seem condescending but Golwalkar’s husband actually posted the picture to his LinkedIn, too, calling it a “classical example of the quality that any Indian customer expects,” and noting that “each item specification in the list had a logic and in some cases scientific backing.”

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