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‘What is your dog’ generator labels Kanye as ‘gentle’


Friday, February 12, 2016, 10:13 AM

Eli Manning apparently has the face of a werewolf, according to the "what dog" generator.www.what-dog.net

Eli Manning apparently has the face of a werewolf, according to the “what dog” generator.

Donald Trump: no dog found.

When using Microsoft’s new “What is your dog” generator, the Republican presidential candidate is incomparable.

The generator allows users to choose a photo of popular personalities from their database or upload their own images.

One photo of Trump spit it out the result “no dog found,” while another said he is a Scottish terrier who is loving, sounds off at strangers and personable with its family.

Microsoft’s new website what-dog.net says Kanye is eager to please others.www.what-dog.net

Microsoft’s new website what-dog.net says Kanye is eager to please others.

Not that far off from Trump’s usual persona where he is consistently attacking opponents, pundits and immigrants.

Fellow Republican, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, was a Staffordshire bull terrier, according to the “what dog robot.”

The description for the governor read, “strong, driven to prey on smaller creatures and affectionate.”

The Democratic competition, Hilary Clinton, was labeled as a collie — a renowned barker, who needs to herd others and is independent-minded.

As for New York athletes, Yankee great Alex Rodriguez consistently was matched up with dogs with great athleticism and intelligence, but one photo of the baseballer labeled him as a miniature pinscher.

The caption read, “Thinks it’s a giant, energetic, bossy but charming.”

New York Giant Eli Manning apparently has the “face of a werewolf” as a brussels griffon, according to the generator. And Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis was compared to a doberman pinscher with a powerful instinct to protect.

New York Met Matt Harvey is both vocal and energetic, but the more ridiculous line is that The Dark Knight is “eager to prey on small animals” when compared to a yorkshire terrier.

Off the field and in the spotlight, power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had their own dog lookalikes.

Kanye West — despite his combative online personality — was matched up with a gentle Golden Retriever who gets along with just everyone, obviously, and is also strong, active and eager to please.

Kardashian, who is known to be high maintenance, was compared to an Afghan Hound — an aloof couch potato that requires daily brushing.

And then there is Martin Shrekli, the hated pharma bro, labeled by “what dog” as a pekingese, who is raised to be pampered, has an imperial mind-set and is suprisingly strong body for its size.


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