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Tyrese dedicates first verse of ‘Let’s Get It On’ to his daughter

Let’s just not.

Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson dedicated the first verse of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” to his 10-year-old daughter at a concert in Georgia on Saturday, amid a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife Norma Gibson.

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Singer Tyrese Gibson with his daughter Shayla Somer Gibson in February 2016. The singer hasn’t seen his daughter in two months due to a restraining order.

(Lester Cohen/WireImage)

In the video, posted to The Shade Room’s Instagram, the singer says he wants his daughter, Shayla, to know just how much he loves her and that he “dedicated” what he was going to say next to her before breaking into the first verse of the song.

Tyrese replaces the line “let’s get it on” with a passionate “baby won’t you stay, Shayla,” before turning away from the mic.

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The “Fast and the Furious” actor’s ex-wife alleges he abused her and Shayla, claiming in one incident he pushed the child, pinned her to the ground, and beat her, according to court documents received back in September.

Norma Gibson was then granted a restraining order, preventing Tyrese from seeing his daughter.

The actor denies the allegations and wants to regain custody of Shayla, who he was scheduled to see in a monitored six-hour visit Sunday, TMZ reports.

Tyrese reportedly checked into the hospital last week for chest pains after testimony given by the singer’s ex-wife in court.

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The singer’s choice in song has made many people uncomfortable, including comedian Lil Duval, who took to Instagram to question the music decision.

“That’s like saying ‘Freak Me Baby’ to my daughter,” Lil Duval wrote. “Either I’m super high or Tyrese super tripping.”

A Twitter user, @iAmAmeetee, who claims to have been at the concert said, “I’ve never been so uncomfortable at a concert. Thanks Tyrese for making your whole performance about your ex and child drama.”

“So Tyrese thought it was a good look to dedicate Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get it on “to his daughter at a concert ?! It’s official he’s lost it,” said @NotSoThick.

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Others on Twitter referenced the “creepy” origins of Gaye’s iconic love song, which involves his love affair with 17-year old Janis Hunter, which later led to marriage and two children.

“Just when I found out how creepy the original one was, Tyrese said ‘hold my drink,’” tweeted @TheBigSale85.

“The root of this song was about Marvin Gaye’s infatuation with a teenage girl… ?? @Tyrese you got some explaining to do Pleigboi,” wrote @MarsSatchmo.

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