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Tupac’s ex is selling a picture of him flashing his genitals

All Eyez are on Tupac — below the belt.

A photo of the late rapper’s genitals is reportedly being shopped around by an ex-girlfriend for a whopping $ 7,500, according to TMZ.

The full-frontal shot was reportedly taken at a house party in 1990 in Marin County, according to the gossip site, which obtained the photo.

It is reported that it wasn’t a one-off for Pac, who often exposed himself as a joke to friends. The girlfriend at the time threatened to take the snap if he didn’t put it away — and apparently he didn’t, because the picture is now circulating, TMZ reported.

An auction house is accepting offers on the rare picture of him droppin’ his pants, though the woman is seeking a private seller to pay the big bucks.

After iconic rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in a drive-by shooting, notebooks of his lyrics, CDs with unreleased tracks and handwritten notes were discovered and are set to go up for auction. Here, Tupac showed off his famous "Thug Life" tattoo while performing shirtless in 1994 during a concert in Chicago.

Look back at the life and career of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur

The unidentified woman also claims to have additional photos of Pac, but in those he’s wearing clothes.

As the late, great artist would say: Only God can judge him.

Tupac Shakur, who is best known for his hits like “California Love,” “Life Goes On,” “Hit Em Up” and “Changes,” died in 1996 after a shooting in Las Vegas.

He was 25.

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