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Tucker Carlson's vaping website is a slow burn

Political commentator Tucker Carlson’s mini-media empire isn’t just about blowing smoke. It also wants to cater to those who inhale. But that’s looking like a pipe dream.

Dailyvaper.com, a website launched by Carlson’s very popular Dailycaller.com website to extol the virtues of vaping, is one of the best kept secrets on the Internet.

When exactly the site became active is unclear, but the domain was created in 2014 and their company’s privacy policy was posted on May 2016. The Twitter handle @TheDaily-Vaper started tweeting in April, but still has fewer than 400 followers.

Compare that to Carlson’s Dailycaller.com, which has 321,000 Twitter followers. Dailyvaper.com’s editor tells us they have not done a “hard launch” yet, but didn’t say when that was going to happen. We’re also told that what’s up now isn’t what the site is going to look like once it’s in full swing.

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We’re also told that Carlson, who quit smoking a long time ago and has never vaped, is not involved in managing the site’s day to day operations. That’s probably a good thing.

Tucker Carlson's vaping site is 6 months old, but has fewer than 400 Twitter followers.

Tucker Carlson’s vaping site is 6 months old, but has fewer than 400 Twitter followers.


On Nov. 28, when Carlson announced on Fox News that he was stepping down as Dailycaller.com’s editor-in-chief, he admitted that he isn’t very good at that sort of thing.

“It was really hard,” Carlson said of that decision. “Not because I’m a great manager, I’m a terrible manager. But I loved it and I loved the guys.”

That said, The Daily Caller reportedly attracts 10 million unique visitors every month so he must have been doing something right.

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As one might expect, Dailyvaper.com dabbles in politics. They started off the week with a story headlined “NYC Democrats Ban Vaping in Bars and Offices,” which cites a Daily News article about Gov. Cuomo’s plan to legally lump electronic cigarettes in with conventional smokes, which are banned from bars, restaurants and offices by the New York’s Clean Indoor Air Act.


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