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Tracy Morgan jokes about being in a coma on ‘Tonight Show’


Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 2:12 AM

Tracy Morgan proved that laughter is the best medicine in his electrifying appearance on “The Tonight Show.”

The “30 Rock” star had the audience in stitches throughout his sit-down with host Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s show — starting with joking about being in a coma for eight days following his near-fatal 2014 car crash.

Morgan kicked off the interview by congratulating Fallon on “beating David Letterman in the ratings,” only to feign surprise when he found out that the retired host was “not here no more.”

“I liked that dude,” he lamented, adding, “I’m going back in the coma.”

Morgan drew huge laughs with the quip, and continued to make light of his hospital stay and recovery in the months after the accident.

“I was watching a lot of TV (while in the hospital), and I watched ‘The Godfather’ 150 times,” Morgan told his former “SNL” co-star.

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Comedian Tracy Morgan pictured during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s “Tonight Show.”

“Let me tell you something: Sonny (Corleone) would have lived if he’d had an EZ Pass,” he noted, referring to the character’s demise at a tollbooth.

Morgan, 47, also shared a sweet story about his 2-year-old daughter Maven, and how she inspired him during his recovery after he came home from the hospital.

“I remember I was in that wheelchair, and she was 14 months and I had seen her take her first steps. And it inspired me to get out of the wheelchair and take my first steps,” he recalled to the cheers from the audience.

He followed up the heartwarming tale by adding that watching his daughter run down the hall in a “doodoo Pamper” inspired him to do the same thing.

“I was still pooping on myself,” he said candidly as the Fallon and the audience howled with laughter.

Morgan also addressed his career comeback, including his upcoming stand-up tour and FX series with Jordan Peele.

When asked if he was nervous or excited about his return to comedy, Morgan responded, “People who are nervous can’t wait for it to be over. I can’t wait for it to start.”

The comedian wrapped up his entertaining “Tonight Show” appearance by squaring against Fallon in the adorable “Pup Quiz,” with the duo awarded golden retriever puppies for every question they got right.

Morgan’s “Picking Up the Pieces” comedy tour kicks off Feb. 5 in Hammond, Indiana.


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