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Thin models in plus-sized tights send Twitter into an uproar

The online company Wish is experiencing heavy backlash after using images of models wearing tights made for curvier women in a manner that exaggerates the size of the garment to unnecessary degrees.

Different types of plus-sized tights on Wish are each modeled by thin women who fit themselves into several different poses. Some put both legs into one leg of the tights while others pull them up to their necks to demonstrate how big the tights are.

Wish is a San Francisco-based retailer that operates mostly through its app, selling Chinese-made merchandise to American customers for low prices.

Despite the very unpopular reaction the images used to sell several different brands of stockings has received, the photos are still currently on Wish’s site.

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It’s unclear who, exactly, is responsible for the images. In a statement sent to HuffPost, the company said, “The products listed on Wish are sold by stores from all over the world, and these stores are in charge of their own inventories.

“Whatever information you see in the description is what we know about the product. If you place an order with a specific store you will then have the opportunity to contact that store directly for more information about the product.”

Some have mentioned that the pictures used on Wish to advertise plus-sized tights originated as a photo spread for “magic tights” that don’t rip when stretched to extremes.

But regardless of responsibility, the images upset many who took to social media to share their thoughts.

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