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Black Lives (and Twitter CEO) Exploited

The last person you’d think would be taken by a fake Twitter account is the social media company’s CEO. But executive Jack Dorsey got fooled by Russian trolls, according to a Mother Jones report. He retweeted a message from the account @Chrystal1Johnson — which turned out not to be a black woman who was angry about police brutality, but one of more than two dozen trolls run by the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency. The organization was mentioned in Special Council Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian nationals who used the accounts to interfere with the 2016 election and get President Trump in office. The trolls honed in on controversial issues and groups such as Black Lives Matter, immigration and police brutality. Also exploited by Russian trolls: Mass shootings and Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Mother Jones tells you how. 

City not ready for female cop? 

Rhonda Olson may not have found out why she wasn’t hired to work for the Atkinson, Nebraska police department until nearly 10 years after her interview, but that’s not stopping her from suing.  

She got a look, last year, at a background check report with interview comments from the Atkinson police chief. In it, Chief Tim Larby had nothing bad to say about Olson, who had law enforcement experience and a criminal justice degree at the time of her interview. Instead, according to Olson’s lawsuit, the report stated that Larby didn’t hire her because “he doesn’t think the community is ready for a female police officer and that it wasn’t a battle he was willing to take on.” Who got the slot instead? Larby’s less qualified brother-in-law. 

Prisons so bad there’s a plea for the National Guard

The number of unfilled guard positions remains dangerously high in North Carolina’s correctional system, prompting lawmakers to request the state’s governor call on the National Guard to help control the prison population. 

Five prison employees were attacked and killed last year, four during a failed escape attempt. In some installations, more than 30% of prison guard slots were unfilled as of October. 

‘Traffic Stop’ proves stop-gone-wrong can happen to you

Breaion King was the first person in her family to graduate from college and get a master’s degree, and she is determined to get a doctorate. She’s a school teacher in Austin and she says in the trailer for “Traffic Stop,” the Oscar-nominated HBO short documentary, “I never thought it would happen to me.” But it did. 

King, who is African-American, was on her way to work when officers pulled her over. They yanked her 108-pound frame out of her car and body slammed her to the ground.

The film — a little over 30 minutes long — includes footage of the incident, which escalated quickly, and ponders, according to a CNN review, just how valuable grainy dashcam footage has become. The movie is scheduled to air on HBO through March 14. 

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