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The Chainsmokers under fire over dog-eating joke in China

Bite your tongue!

The Chainsmokers are in hot water after sharing a video from China’s Ultra music festival outpost which contained a racist joke, according to Buzzfeed News.

In the clip, Alex Pall was asked about touring with his dog and whether or not he’d bring her with him to China.

“I mean if she could come anywhere I’d bring her to — well I don’t know if I’d bring her to China…” he said before he, group member Drew Taggart and the interviewer shared a laugh.

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While the tone deaf joke doesn’t appear to have offended the reporter, it set viewers off. Twitter users quickly shared their reactions to the video, which has since been deleted.

Many were outraged.

The Chainsmokers are now in South Korea, where they’re thought to be collaborating with k-pop group BTS.

Pall’s comments have created a divide among fans of the Korean boyband, some of whom reportedly began cancelling album pre-orders over the controversy.

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A number of BTS fans continue to rally in support for the band, noting that the Chainsmokers’ ignorant comments have little to do with the group.

Neither Pall nor Taggart has commented further on the drama unfolding online.

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