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The best times to look at the supermoon this weekend

The supermoon — or perigee-syzygy — will be visible on Sunday as our moon passes by the Earth.

The moon will be as close to us as it gets on Sunday as it makes its way around its elliptical orbit — making it seem bigger than usual. Typically the supermoon appears to be huge and particularly bright but this year, there may not be much of a difference from any other night.

“To the untrained eye, the moon will look no different,” American Museum of Natural History astrophysicist Jackie Faherty told Business Insider. “Even for the trained eye, it will not be anything to speak of.”

But, if you still want to try and spot it, the best times to look are moonrise — 5p.m. on Saturday — and moonset — 7:50a.m. on Sunday.

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During moonrise, “you will experience the optical illusion which makes the moon appear larger when viewed against the horizon,” Faherty said.

When the supermoon is at its most noticeable, it can be up to 14% closer to us than when it’s at apogee — the farthest distance from Earth it gets. It also shines 30% more moonlight, according to NASA.

Last year’s supermoon was the closest the moon was to Earth since 1948 and it’s not expected to be that close again until 2034.


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