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That’s the ticket: Parody has Mike Francesa as Trump’s VP


Friday, March 11, 2016, 10:05 AM

Would New York’s Numbah One consider being Donald Trump’s No. 2?

Bill Buchanan, the Mike Francesa of Mike Francesa impersonators, imagined a world where the WFAN host was on the ticket with Trump in November and it is … amusing.

In the five-minute clip, dropped Friday morning, Buchanan delivers Zaunisms disguised as campaign promises: Every home will have a horse and a snowblower, the U.S. will have the “numbah one” health care and military, etc.

He also mixes up Bernie Sanders, Barry Sanders and Bernie Williams and reveals that Bill Parcells will be their Secretary of Defense, of cawse. A bottom scroll reports that Joe Torre will be the pair’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

Faux VP-nominee Francesa sums up the Republican field in a way that listeners could imagine Francesa himself doing.

“Rubio? I mean, get lost, you’re a clown. Kasich? Nobody knows what he stands for. Ben Carson? Call me when you get back from Mars. Ted Cruz? I mean, Ted Cruz has a weird face. He has a weird face. He looks like one of those lizard people from a monster movie. I just don’t like his face.”

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Buchanan, a Long Islander, said that he’d been thinking of the Francesa/Trump comparisons for a while — which is an ongoing theme of the “Mongos” on Twitter — and on Wednesday decided to put all of his thoughts together on video.

“So I drank a lot of coffee and got it done before FrancesaCon,” he told the Daily News.

There’s some PG-13 humor in the clip and a classic “I never said that” moment from faux Francesa near the end of it.

You can see Buchanan do more of his act, along with Mike Benevento, Saturday at FrancesaCon — where their muses, Francesa and Chris Russo, will also be in attendance.

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