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Tech Tip: Take a Picture Quickly in iOS 10


The bottom of the lock screen in iOS 10 software for iPhone hints at the location of the camera shortcut, but the clue may be hard to see with some wallpaper images. Credit The New York Times

Q. I just upgraded to iOS 10. Where did the shortcut camera icon in the bottom corner of the iPhone lock screen go? That was useful.

A. On Apple’s redesigned lock screen for iOS 10, swipe to the left on the lock screen (instead of swiping up) to open the Camera app quickly. It may be hard to see depending on your lock-screen image, but the screen now shows three tiny icons at the bottom, including one for a camera.

If you swipe the lock screen to the right, the iPhone displays the Today view, which shows your calendar appointments and information from widgets — those little mini-apps that display bits of data like the current temperature from the Weather app. You can customize the widgets list by tapping the Edit button at the bottom of the Today screen.

Swiping down from the top of the lock screen still shows the iOS Notifications screen with its list of alerts from your news and communications apps. On a late-model iPhone, tap the notification to open its app, or press down with 3D Touch to see a menu for sharing or saving the alert. On the iPhone 6 and earlier, swipe left for a menu to view the notification by itself for sharing or saving, or to dismiss a notification from the lock screen; lock screen behavior varies by iPhone model.

Swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone lock screen still brings up the Control Center, where you can quickly toggle certain connectivity settings, like Airplane Mode, on or off. Shortcut icons for the flashlight, timer, calculator and camera apps are there as well. If you have an iPhone with the 3D Touch function, you can use it on the Camera icon to get a menu of quick actions like Take Selfie and Record Video. To get to the iPhone’s audio playback buttons, swipe to the left on the Control Center screen.

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