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Tech Tip: Editing a Gmail Inbox Trip Bundle


The Inbox for the Gmail app includes a menu option for moving messages in and out of Trip Bundle groupings. Credit The New York Times

Q. I generally like the way Gmail Inbox collects all the messages related to travel, and groups them together so I have my flight information, hotel and rental car under one heading on my Android phone. However, I noticed that for a coming trip, the collected information has me listed in the completely wrong hotel. I don’t know how this happened, but can I get rid of the incorrect information in the Trips grouping?

A. Google’s Trip Bundles feature, introduced for Inbox last year, scans the contents of your incoming messages for things like flight reservations, hotel confirmations and rental car bookings in the same time period, but it can sometimes grab the wrong information. For example, if you booked your flight online and your email receipt contained advertisements or suggested hotels in your destination location, one of those suggestions may have been folded into the Trip Bundle accidentally. Also, if you book one hotel and then cancel it for another, the Trip Bundle may keep the original reservation.

Although Trip Bundles were difficult to edit at first, Google recently added the ability to move selected email messages into an existing trip. To add an open message (like one with the correct hotel reservation) on your phone’s screen to a Trip Bundle, tap the icon depicting three vertical dots in the top-right corner. In the Move To menu, select Trips and on the next screen, choose the appropriate trip. To remove a message from the grouping (but not your Inbox), open the Trip Bundle and in the Related Emails list below the trip information, select the errant message. Tap the Move To icon in the top-right cover and choose “Remove from this trip.”

If the wrong hotel still persists in the bundle, you might try removing the related email that mentions the establishment from the bundle first — even if it contains your flight information — put it into a new message and send it to yourself. Inbox should hopefully scan it again and set up the Trip Bundle again, without the erroneous details.


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