Netflix CEO Reed Hastings will earn a lower salary in 2016, but he’s due a big bump in stock options at the streaming media giant.

Let’s look at tech stocks to watch on Christmas Eve:

Netflix. Hastings will earn $900,000 in salary next year, below the $1 million he pulled in 2015, according to a December 22 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Netflix CEO’s stock option allowance will jump from $13.7 million to $19.05 million in 2016. The company will close the year with an incredible surge in stock price. Since opening 2015 with a share price of $49.85, Netflix stock has nearly tripled in value.

Disney. The company-backed virtual reality platform Littlstar will launch 360 video content for the Apple TV set-top box. Users will be able to view videos at different angles using the trackpad on Apple TV’s new Siri remote.

Salesforce. The cloud computing company will acquire SteelBrick for $360 million, reports Venturebeat. SteelBrick creates software to help users choose price quotes.

Apple. A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit claiming the tech giant violated laws against wiretapping when text messages weren’t delivered to users who switched from iPhones to Android devices. According to Business Insider, Apple already fixed an issue with iPhone messages failing to reach Android users who switched.

Twitter. Could we soon see a drone controlled by tweets? According to The Verge, the social network filed for a patent on a drone that can takes photos or capture videos and share them through a series of tweets.

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