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DR. SAMADI: 3 simple ways to prevent prostate problems

Men are well aware of other men who have had issues with their prostate. The prostate condition may have been relatively easy to fix or a more serious issue requiring frequent follow-ups. Most men, however, would rather not deal with ...

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One simple blood test could diagnose two types of cancer

Infrared spectroscopy — used to identify and study chemicals — used in blood tests could potentially diagnose lymphoma and melanoma, a new study found. Researchers at Georgia State University used the technique to analyze blood samples from mice with non-Hodgkin’s ...

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Tech Tip: Choosing a Simple Smartphone Solution

Q. I want to get my dad a smartphone, but it needs to be easy to understand. What is available for older, nontechnical people who just want to make phone calls, get their email and maybe play a game or ...

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Gadgetwise: Create YouTube-Worthy Videos With a Few Simple Tools

To be the next big YouTube star, you need the right tools. But before you break the bank on expensive video equipment, start with these simple devices. You can always upgrade later when you become famous. Logitech HD Pro Webcam ...

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Business Briefing: Drone Registration Expected to Be Simple, F.A.A. Says

The government says requirements to register drones will be simple enough that owners will not need to pay a “drone registration” company to do it for them. Some websites are advertising that they will register a drone for a $ ...

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