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Exercise Rx can help repair couch potatoes’ hearts

Confirmed middle-aged couch potatoes can reverse damage to their heart as long as they change their sedentary ways. So say researchers behind a long-term study published Monday in Circulation, the American Heart Association Journal. The regimen must begin by age ...

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Scientists create patch to repair damage caused by heart attacks

Biomedical engineers at Duke University developed a “heart patch” to cover and repair heart tissue damaged by heart attacks that’s just as strong and active as real tissue. The study surrounding the advancement, published in Nature Communications, details how this ...

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The Haggler: Breaking a Toshiba Laptop Owner’s Cycle of Repair

Photo Credit Christoph Hitz Now and then, the Haggler is called a cynic. Invariably, it is by horrible people who are motivated by selfishness and greed — just like every human being on the face of the earth. O.K., that ...

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