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Tech Tip: Leaping Over the Language Barrier

Q. I know there are sites that convert words and phrases from other languages to English, but how do you translate an entire web page? A. You can find language-translation options from certain browsers, search engines or websites. For example, ...

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GOP, Dem senators confirm Trump used racist language at meeting

He’s full of it. Lawmakers on Friday confirmed President Trump used crass and racist language to describe countries he does not think are worthy of sending immigrants to the U.S. Senators from both sides of the aisle spoke out as ...

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How to become a U.S. citizen without knowing the English language

Q: My mother doesn’t read, write or speak English. Can she become a U.S. citizen? My mother is 59 years old. She has been a permanent resident for 15 years. Name withheld, New York A: Your mother can naturalize. Permanent ...

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Trump takes aim at Hillary Clinton with vulgar language

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 10:43 AM Donald Trump’s attack on women reached a new level Monday night, as the GOP front-runner used a vulgar term to insult Hillary Clinton and even remarked on her bathroom ...

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