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Study: Chemical in McDonald’s fries could cure baldness

McDonald’s fries might be bad for your health, but there’s a chance they’ll put hair on your head. In a study published in the journal Biomaterials, a stem cell research team at Yokohama National University developed a method that could ...

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Nacho Fries are coming to Taco Bell for just $1

Try it… * This is nacho ordinary plate of nachos. Taco Bell will launch Nacho Fries nationwide on Jan. 25 — and they’ll cost just $ 1 for a limited time. Mexican seasoning will spice up the spuds and they’ll ...

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Restaurant owner allegedly choked customer over cold fries

A restaurant owner named Donald Crump is accused of choking a customer after she complained that her food was cold. Crump, of Crumpy’s Hot Wings in Memphis, Tenn., got into an argument with Rinesha Moore over cold fries last week, ...

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McDonald's workers say you’re being ripped off on fries orders

If you’ve ever looked down into your paper sack of fast food and thought, “stingy AF” about your fries pod and took a quick scan of the room for the Hamburglar, you may be on to something. In a recent ...

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