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Suspicious tracking device found on MTA bus in Staten Island

Cops are investigating a mysterious device was found on an MTA bus in Staten Island at a Yukon Bus Depot. (Google Maps Street View)


Friday, November 18, 2016, 12:04 AM

Police are trying to determine who placed a mysterious tracking device on an MTA bus at a depot in Staten Island.

Two maintenance workers at the Yukon Bus Depot on Yukon Ave. in New Springville found the tracker attached to an oil pan at about 11 a.m.. Wednesday.

MTA officials called police, and NYPD Emergency Service Unit cops swarmed the depot, searching each bus and the terminal itself looking for additional devices, sources said.

Cops said the device was not explosive and was “not known to the MTA.”

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“To me, it’s a big concern for my members, as it should be for the public,” Daniel Cassella, president of ATU Local 726, told the Staten Island Advance. “We’re just as puzzled as everybody else. It’s the first time since I’m working here that anything like this has happened.”

He told the newspaper, “Was it there for a test or to see if we would catch it? You can’t take any chances today.”

MTA spokeswoman Marisa Baldeo refuted reports that the bus depot was evacuated after the device’s discovery. She said the workers found the device during a routine inspection, and its discovery will not prompt any procedure changes.

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