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Stove Top trots out gut-friendly Thanksgiving dinner pant

It’s a stretch to call these fashionable.

But people, like turkeys, get stuffed at holiday feasts. Right on cue, Stove Top introduces Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.

Elasticized and ruddy — like the color of the box Stove Top stuffing comes in — the $ 19.98 limited-edition unisex slacks take a page from maternity duds.

Hence, there’s a flexible “over-the-belly” band decorated with (what else?) a stuffing pattern.

Brooklyn’s many Thanksgiving dinners

Pliable pants come in handy for stowing the 4,500 calories smf 229 grams of fat the average American packs away on Thanksgiving, according to Calorie Control Council figures.

Stove Top isn’t the first food company to expand their brand into clothes and accessories.

And sure, the pants are goofy, but there’s a serious side too. Stove Top is donating $ 10,000 of the profits to the charity Feeding America.

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