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STASI: Trump played Giuliani and Christie and they deserve it

Chris Christie literally stood by Trump's side on the campaign trail.

Chris Christie literally stood by Trump’s side on the campaign trail.

(Andrew Harnik/AP)

Linda Stasi


Friday, November 18, 2016, 6:43 PM

Looks like Donald Trump played Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie like a couple of five dollar hookers who thought he was their ticket out of the gutter only to find themselves back on the mean streets — or seemingly about to be.

And never have two desperate has-been humans been as deserving of getting thrown out of the car as these two.

I told you The Donald was a lot smarter than you/we/they/any of us gave him credit for.

Rudy Giuliani fought hard for Donald Trump, but may not get anything in return. 

Rudy Giuliani fought hard for Donald Trump, but may not get anything in return. 

(Evan Vucci/AP)

Yes, I was as frightened as everyone else that he’d make the bully of Bridgegate the Attorney General, and the Nixon of New York the Secretary of State.

Thank you Bloomberg for destroying NYC with ugly mall stores

But then everything changed. As I also told you, son-in-law Jared Kushner and by extension, Trump’s daughter Ivanka, would never have allowed Christie — the guy who put Jared’s father in jail — to play a big role in Trump’s administration. That would be like Shelly Silver inviting Preet Bharara to join Weitz and Luxenberg once he gets sprung.

Then, Christie’s top aides admitted on the stand that he knew about the George Washington Bridge closures, and they were convicted. Oops.

And if you believe Donald hadn’t counted on this before using Christie, knowing he’d be able toss him to the curb without looking disloyal, well, have I got a bridge to sell you.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has no reason to scratch his head about being tossed aside by Donald Trump.


Admittedly, Donald did scare the hell out of me when he brought Rudy-the-loony onboard. But early on, it became as clear as unfracked water what Donald’s game plan seemed to be.

Donald Trump offers Jeff Sessions Attorney General spot

Desperate-to-return-to-his-glory-days-Rudy was willing to act like Dr. Strangelove on meth. He was willing to hand deliver whatever Trump wanted out there.

Rudy said things that even shameless Donald was ashamed to say aloud. Like? Like calling Trump a genius for losing $ 916 million big ones. When they go low, he went lower.

Who, besides failed “crime busting” prosecutor Rudy (he never got a conviction of John Gotti, nor of the Wall Streeters he dragged out in cuffs, or the ones he arrested despite sending in 50 federal marshals) would be willing to lay himself that low?

Rudy Giuliani (l.) and Chris Christie may be among the election's biggest losers. 

Rudy Giuliani (l.) and Chris Christie may be among the election’s biggest losers. 


Oh, right, that would be the guy who’d pimped himself out to so many foreign countries that doing the same for a possible future President would be like getting the golden ticket on “American Idol.” Maybe nobody told him it was cancelled.

Giuliani top State Dept. pick; Trump ditches reporter pool again


Then suddenly, mysteriously, stories about Rudy’s entangling foreign alliances started leaking again, such as the one about how he took big bucks from the exiled Iranian party, Mujahedin e-Khalq, to give a speech in D.C., which called upon the state department to take the group off the terrorist list. What bad luck!

And then, as Politico pointed out, Trump’s potential secretary of state took money from Qatar, Venezuela and Iranian exiles. Oops.

Without warning, more candidates with applications for secretary of state started showing up at Donald’s door than Americans with citizenship requests at the Canadian embassy. Oops.

Donald Trump starts assembling cabinet, with Chris Christie out

Rudy might still resurrect, but with Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley, among others being recruited, the President-elect seems to be, er, holding Trump. Again.

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