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Song and Story with KAMAU

He wants people to see him through his music and lyrics.

So he hides his eyes when he performs.

KAMAU is a singer/songwriter from Washington, D.C. Now living in Brooklyn, he’s the focus in our latest episode of “Song and Story.”

The Daily News is going behind the lyrics with a new video series, “Song and Story,” that explores the craft of songwriting.

Song and Story with Gabrielle Smith of Eskimeaux

KAMAU became interested in music at an early age and drew inspiration from his surrounding — from his mother’s singing, to the music from around the world that his father would play.

He discusses his song, “LăVĭNDəR,” which he performed with Joe from NoWyld on guitar at Parkside Lounge in the East Village. Watch the interview, then listen to the song itself below.

If you are interested in being part of the “Song and Story” series, email us at nydnvideo@nydailynews.com

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