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Slain soldier may have learned of Navy SEALs cash plot: report

A pair of Navy SEALs on a secret mission in Mali may have strangled a Green Beret soldier after he stumbled upon their plot to siphon cash from confidential informants, according to the Daily Beast.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is probing the June 4 death of Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar and whether the elite sailors were responsible. Initial speculation hinted that the respected veteran discovered illegal activity and was silenced.

The report cites five special operations sources, two of whom said Melgar’s housemates were pocketing an unspecified amount of cash and offered him a chunk of their illicit earnings. He declined.

The 34-year-old soldier is believed to have died by asphyxiation and was found dead in embassy housing in Bamako, the New York Times first reported.

2 SEALs being investigated after Green Beret is strangled in Mali

The accused SEALs told their bosses that Melgar had been drinking and died while practicing combat exercises, the Daily Beast stated. However, an autopsy found no sign of drugs or alcohol, the report read.

An official close to the investigation told the news outlet Melgar had grown suspicious of his partners in counterterrorism and expressed those misgivings to his wife.

The Lubbock, Tex., graduate pledged to tell her more about it when he returned home, the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.  

The SEALs at the center of the NCIS homicide investigation have not been identified or charged.

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