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Seventy-one victims dead in London tower inferno: final tally

Seventy-one victims were killed when a fire incinerated a London apartment building, with police just now understanding the devastation months later.

Images of the burning Grenfell Tower shocked the world in June, as stories emerged of entire families lost to a blaze that raised concerns about whether big city residents could be living in death traps.

Police said Thursday that they have identified the last of the bodies taken from the destruction, with victims ranging in age from an 84-year-old to a stillborn baby called Baby Logan Gomes.

Among other victims to be named were the family Farah Hamdan and Omar Belkaldi, who died with their 8-year and 6-month-old daughters on the 20th floor.

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Original estimates had suggested 79 people were dead before falling in September as teams combed through every apartment in the 24-story building to look for remains.

Police have just finished identifying those lost to the blaze in June.


Nearly 300 people were believed to be inside the tower when the fire started, according to police, who said that 223 of those made it outside.

The fire is believed to have started with a refrigerator on an upper floor before spreading rapidly in part because of aluminum cladding used on the outside of the building.

The U.S-based company Arconic, which made the cladding, stopped selling it for tall structures as it faced a lawsuit from investors and buildings around the world with the product such as the Cleveland Browns’ stadium began worrying about potential disasters.

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Questions about the cladding are expected to be part of an inquiry in Britain into the Grenfell fire, which is expected to have its first hearings next month.

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