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SEE IT: Justin Bieber butchers the Spanish lyrics in 'Despacito'

Somebody buy Justin Bieber a Rosetta Stone program, stat.

The pop star recently showed off his seemingly impressive Spanish-speaking skills on the official remix of Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi’s No. 1 hit “Despacitio,” but it appears the Biebs may not have been paying close attention to the sultry lyrics.

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Justin Bieber flubbed the lyrics to “Despacito” while clubbing in New York Tuesday night.

In video obtained by TMZ, Bieber, 23, hopped on stage at New York’s 1OAK club Tuesday night, and attempted to sing along to the Spanish-language song, flubbing nearly all of the lyrics except the repeated “despacito,” and swapping in “blah blah blah” instead.

Not Released (NR)

The song was originally recorded by Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi (pictured) and Daddy Yankee.

(Miguel Tovar/LatinContent/Getty Images)

In the cringe-worthy footage, Bieber — who appears to be drunk — tries to leave some of the singing to the audience, but takes over midway through his verses and waves his hand as he yells nonsensical gibberish.

What the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s catchy ‘Despacito’ mean

Bieber sings the hook on the song, which is the first with primarily Spanish lyrics to top the charts since 1996.

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