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SEE IT: Cop takes money from hot dog vendor's wallet

It’s the kind of footage no one should relish.

A UC Berkeley alumni captured a bizarre encounter between police and a hot dog vendor outside a football game this weekend that has since garnered over 11 million views.

Using his cellphone, Martin Flores caught the moment that University of California Police Officer Sean Aranas openly took cash out of the man’s wallet, citing that he was operating without a permit.

“That’s not right,” Flores can be heard saying from behind the camera.

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“We’ll take it to a judge and the judge can decide whether or not it’s right,” Aranas responds.

“You’re gonna take his hard-earned money?” Flores asks, still not letting the matter go.

“Yup,” says Aranas.

Police told KTVU that the man’s money was booked into evidence after he was issued a citation.

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According to Flores, there were other people selling items outside the game as well as attendees openly drinking alcohol in public who were being ignored by law enforcement.

The UCPD failed to respond to a Daily News request for comment, specifically as to whether the vendor, identified only as “Juan,” was the only person ticketed Saturday.

Meanwhile, over 11,000 people have signed a petition calling for Aranas’ removal as of Monday morning.

UC Berkeley Police told KTVU the incident is under investigation.

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