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Sean Hannity asks Bill O’Reilly to ‘come back’ to Fox News

Sean Hannity wants Bill O’Reilly back at Fox News.

The conservative talk show host implored his former colleague to return to the network during an interview on his radio show Monday.

“Do you want to come back? I think you should come back,” Hannity asked O’Reilly.

The former Fox News host, however, seems to be enjoying his time off.

Ex-Fox News guest says she was raped by host, sues network

“I’m at the beach every day. You want to drag me back into the swamp?” O’Reilly responded.

The former anchor was fired in April amid allegations of sexual harassment, abuse and racial discrimination from former female co-workers.

He and Fox News allegedly paid five women $ 13 million in settlements.

“I think you want back in the swamp and I think you’d love it back in the swamp,” Hannity said.

“I’d know your friends would love you back in the swamp. There’s not a day that goes by that people don’t ask me, ‘How’s O’Reilly doing? When is he coming back?’”

But rather go back behind the anchor desk, O’Reilly said he’s focusing on the “investigation” into his firing from Fox News, which he thinks was a conspiracy.

“There’s a machine that the far left has developed to harm anyone with whom they disagree,” O’Reilly said, calling himself a “victim.”

“There’s not going to be any he said, she said. Going to be stone-cold facts.”

Fox News has faced a number of scandals recently, including the resignation of former network chairman and CEO Roger Ailes.

On Monday, political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes claimed in a lawsuit that she was raped by veteran Fox Business host Charles Payne and suffered retaliation after reporting the assault.

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