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Samsung's new refrigerator: Big storage, big price

Design & Usability

A gleaming monolith

There’s no denying this Samsung positively oozes style. From its gray control panel blending into the stainless finish, to blue-tinted shelves and bright LED lights, this is a fridge that will class up any kitchen.

Samsung’s latest take on door-in-door storage utilizes its Metal Cooling panel, which is designed to keep air cooler around the door-in-door shelves. In this model, only the upper right-hand door is equipped with the panel.

The central drawer features four distinct temperature settings, giving you more control over how best to utilize that extra space. Beyond that, however, features and options are kept pretty minimal—just a Power Freeze and Power Cool setting for rapid chilling, and an Energy Saver mode to shave off some utility costs.

The bulky ice maker sits on the top shelf, as opposed to a slimmer door-mounted version, and takes up usable space. Door-in-door layouts already tend to cut back on shelf customization and usable space, and the Ice Master occupies even more room. With that said, Samsung claims it can make more ice than a door-mounted counterpart—so fans of iced tea and lemonade should pay attention.


As with many of the company’s high-end fridges, this Samsung has a three-part warranty. First, you get one year of parts and labor coverage on the entire product for anything that breaks through no fault of the consumer. On top of this, you also get five years’ parts and labor coverage on the refrigeration system (that’s the compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier, and connecting tubing). And finally there are ten years of parts coverage and five years labor on the digital inverter compressor.

A Strong Contender

…but with a price to match

Samsung RF30HBEDBSR Interior


Reviewed.com / Matthew Zahnzinger

At a massive 30 cubic feet, this four-door French door will add style to any kitchen.

If a French door four-door with door-in-door storage is your thing, you should first check out this LG. The Samsung RF30HBEDBSR provides some solid competition, but the LG has better crispers and more solid temperature performance over time, plus a door-mounted icemaker. Most importantly, it costs hundreds less on sale.

If you need to match existing Samsung products in your kitchen, the RF30 is still a fair choice—assuming you’re willing to shell out that much money. In stores you might find it for under $2,800, making this a pretty sizable investment. For such a stunning design, though, it may be worth it.

If you’d prefer to save, consider cutting door-in-door storage. Without that feature, you’ve got access to a bevy of superior products, including the Kenmore Elite 72483—the best four-door model we’ve tested—which retails for about $2,700, or the KitchenAid KFXS25RYMS, which offers a four-door layout for about $2,000 on sale.

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