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Restaurant offers discount for women in response to gender pay gap, man files human rights complaint

A restaurant in Canada is offering a female-friendly discount to reflect the gender pay gap, and someone has already complained. The Morrissey House — located in London, Ontario — is awarding women with 13 percent off all food purchases on lunch and dinner orders every Monday.

The percentage mirrors the statistic that Canadian women only make 87 cents to a man’s dollar — in effect, a 13 percent discount on their labor — according to Statistics Canada data.

Morrissey House intends for the policy to foster discussion on the issue, and the pub has also promised to donate a portion of its Monday earnings to women’s charities, such as Anova, London Abused Women’s Centre, My Sister’s Place, and Life*Spin.

But one man truly believes the discount violates his human rights.

“If you can believe it, we have a complaint about our Monday discount. He will be lodging his complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission,” the restaurant wrote on Facebook. “I wish him all the best. If they see this as something that is against the concept of basic human rights, then I wish us all the best.”

“It’s his right. If he feels wronged, then I applaud him for taking it to the OHRC. But I think he’s taking it the wrong way,” owner Mark Serré told CBC News. “As a general rule of life, women should get paid equally. I think that’s important. Is it worth my 13 percent on a Monday night? Absolutely. Is it worth a conversation? Absolutely. I hope people embrace it.”

Human rights lawyer Susan Toth told CBC News that she wouldn’t expect the complaint to meet with success in court, so there’s a chance we won’t hear much more from the aggrieved man. But if you’re itching for more drama, take a look at these 10 crazy chef feuds.

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