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Red Wings deny man was banned for throwing octopus onto ice

They’re welcoming him back with eight-arms wide open.

Though at first deemed a menace with a mollusk, one Canadian fan of the Detroit Red Wings is happy to find out security spoke too soon when they told him he’d been banned for life after he threw an octopus onto the ice.

Nick Horvath of Windsor would be the first person to ever introduce the tentacled tradition at the team’s new skating grounds of Little Caesars Arena during the national anthem at last Thursday’s season opener, launching it high over the boards, but the excitement quickly dulled thanks to the swift response from stadium workers.

“The crowd was going nuts,” Horvath told CBC News. “As they were escorting me out people were booing them, ‘Let him go!’ People were high-fiving me, giving me spanks on the butt, slaps on the butt … everyone loved it.”

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The 30-year-old had smuggled the sizeable eight-pound cephalopod into the game with the help of a friend. Together, they plastic wrapped the dead octopus around Horvath’s lower abdomen before cloaking his torso in a Gordie Howe all-star jersey.

The tradition of tossing the Cthulhu-like creatures onto the ice at Red Wings’ games has persisted for 65 years, with the eight arms symbolizing the number of wins the team would need to capture the Stanley Cup.

Horvath, who claims to have flung the final slimy soldier at Joe Louis Arena last year before it closed, now says the ban was a misunderstanding.


Nick Horvath gets a helping hand as he straps on the sucker-covered animal.


According to CTV, he says that officials with the Red Wings have gotten in touch with him and are even considering ways to compensate him.

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Whether that will be enough to make up for the misdemeanor ticket he got handed from the Detroit Police Department remains to be seen.

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