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Raptors parade crowd over 3x bigger than Trump's inauguration crowd

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Today, the Toronto Raptors will take to the city streets in a parade to celebrate their victory over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals last week. As many as two million of people are reportedly attending the festivities in downtown Toronto.

In fact, so many people have crowded Nathan Phillips Square (in front of city hall) that the city is now asking people to go to separate viewing and party sites. “[The Square] is at capacity. If you’re still on your way, consider celebrating our Raptors at a nearby viewing cite,” a Tweet from the municipal account reads.


Photos posted to Twitter show the enormous crowds that have packed streets downtown.

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“Pandemonium erupting near the princess gates as fans await the bus carrying their NBA Champions,” wrote one attendee.

“The organization for the Raptors victory parade is a disaster. They’re not holding people back from the street […] No crowd control. No room for the bus,” wrote another Twitter user.

People have apparently blocked streets.


According to writer Andrew Miller, there are “more than twice as many fans at [the Toronto Raptors parade] than there were at Trump’s inauguration.”

Indeed, according to reports from after the 2017 inauguration, crowds of between 300,000 and 600,000 people lined up on the National Mall to watch as Trump became the 45th president. 

The New York Times similarly reported that the Trump inauguration crowd size was “one-third” the size of that for president Obama.


Even if we take the most optimistic crowd size estimate for the Trump inauguration, the crowds at the Toronto Raptors parade are in fact over 3 times the size.

Crowds are clearly getting too excited and breaking some rules.

Meanwhile, Toronto mayor John Tory has declared June 17th We The North Day. “Today, on We The North Day, as we gather to celebrate the first NBA championship in Raptors’ history, I encourage everyone in our city to show our support, pride, love, and appreciation for this incredible team,” he wrote in a statement.


Stay tuned for more news from the Toronto Raptors victory parade in Toronto. Crowds continue to pour into the downtown area.

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