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Quincy Jones apologizes for 'word vomit' in recent interviews

Quincy Jones issued a public apology after spilling a number of wild stories about his celebrity friends.

Jones, who spoke to both GQ and Vulture in candid and wide-ranging interviews published in late January and early February, took to Twitter Thursday to say he’s sorry for his “wordvomit” and “bad-mouthing.”

Musician Quincy Jones has apologized for dragging his friends in recent interviews.

Musician Quincy Jones has apologized for dragging his friends in recent interviews.


“My six daughters (who I’m beyond proud of) took me aside to a surprise ‘family intervention’ because of some silly things I’ve said in two recent interviews,” the 84-year-old wrote.

“When you’ve been fortunate enough to have lived such a long & crazy life (& you’ve recently stopped drinking – three years ago!), certain details about specific events (which do NOT paint the full picture of my intentions of experiences) come flooding back all at once,” he continued. “Even at 85, it’s apparent that ‘wordvomit’ & bad-mouthing is inexcusable.”

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Jones actually turns 85 in March. He is father to actress Rashida Jones, 41, actress and designer Kidada Jones, 43, Jolie Jones Levine, Martina Jones, Rachel Jones and Kenya Julia Miamibi Sarah Jones.

The legendary music producer shared many tales in his interviews, saying he allegedly dated Ivanka Trump 12 years ago, calling the Beatles “the worst musicians,” and calling his late pal Michael Jackson a “Machiavellian” and “greedy,” claiming he stole songs. Jones famously produced “Thriller.”

Also in the Vulture interview, Jones claimed Marlon Brando would “f–k anything” and said that he allegedly had sex with both Richard Pryor and Marvin Gaye.

His comments drew backlash from Jackson’s dad and members of Gaye and Brando’s families.

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“I’m sorry to anyone whom my words offended & I’m especially sorry to my friends who are still here with me & to those who aren’t,” the producer wrote.

“These friends are like blood family to me… Thank you for calling me out when I’ve clearly made a mistake… many mistakes.”

12879 FEB. 28, 1984 FILE PHOTO.

In this Feb. 28, 1984 file photo, Michael Jackson (left) holds eight awards as he poses with producer Quincy Jones at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

(Doug Pizac/AP)

Jones clarified that he had reached out to all of his friends privately, but wanted to make it known that he was also publicly apologizing.

“One of the hardest things about this situation is that, this bad-mouthing has contradicted the very real messages I tried to relay about racism, inequality, homophobia, poverty… you name it.”

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He made further bizarre claims in the interviews, including that he knows who killed John F. Kennedy and spoke of having multiple girlfriends all over the world and that his dating age for young woman was determined by two of his daughters.

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Ringo Starr and Quincy Jones at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in February 2008.

(Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

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