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Princess Mako’s postponed wedding will inspire ‘betting pools’

Actually, don’t save the date while they grow up.

“Immaturity” is the reason Japan’s Princess Mako and college sweetheart and commoner Kei Komuro gave for postponing their wedding, set for this November, for at least two years.

And they have a reason for their 2020 vision.

“It is because of our immaturity and we just regret it,” the two 26-year-olds said in a statement, CNN reported.

Japan’s Princess Mako giving up royal status to marry commoner

Royal reps denied that the delay had anything to do with reports of financial disputes tied to Komuro’s college tuition.

The delay, added the Princess and her fiance who announced their engagement in September, would allow them “to think about marriage more deeply and concretely and give sufficient time to prepare our marriage and for after the marriage.”

And while there’s a veritable wedding banquet of stories with such titles as “How postponing my wedding saved my marriage,” putting off tying the knot can be the kiss of death, according to one expert.

“I’ve planned more than 500 weddings,” Washington, D.C.-based wedding planner Sandy Malone told the Daily News. “I’ve had at most 20 postponements over the past 11 years. I can think of only one that rescheduled.”

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When it comes to their wedding Princess Mako and her fiance Kei Komuro have a 2020 vision.

When it comes to their wedding Princess Mako and her fiance Kei Komuro have a 2020 vision.


Those are lousy odds.

And the stakes were already sky-high for Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of Japanese Emperor Akihito, even before her lengthened engagement.

In Japan, it’s a law that a princess must leave the imperial family upon marriage to a commoner.

“She may be having second thoughts,” said Malone. “Let’s face it, she was giving up the royal life she was raised in for this marriage. She should use the extra two years — which is a long time — to consider and think things through very carefully.”

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And over those 24 extra months, a lot of things can come to mind.

“Engagements can be very stressful, even for royalty,” said Malone. “There will be betting pools on whether this marriage ever actually happens.”

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