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President Obama Is Now on Facebook

It’s official: Anyone who’s anyone is on Facebook.

President Obama just created an account, joining almost 75 percent of the entire adult
population online. 

The president has a substantial social media presence already. He has been tweeting since
May and has both a fan page
and a White House page on
Facebook — but this page is unique because it comes from the POTUS himself.

As such, it will be, in the words of Mr. Obama, “a place where you can hear directly from me,
and share your own thoughts and stories.”

In that spirit, the commander-in-chief’s first post is conversational and relaxed. It includes a video of
him walking through his backyard and chatting about the “critters” he
encounters, including a fox, a hawk, and some squirrels:

Among the president’s
welcome party to Facebook was author of “Lean
In” and the company’s COO Sheryl Sandberg:

Way to catch the
attention of the higher-ups, Mr. President.

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