It was a touching scene.

Pope Francis landed in the City of Brotherly Love on Saturday morning, and while he was in his Fiat preparing to drive away, he stopped the car to bless a boy in a wheelchair.

Michael Keating, 10, was on the tarmac with his family, when the pope leaned over a barricade for a kiss on the head and a blessing. 

The family was speechless, except for Michael’s mom, who managed a tearful “thank you.”

The pope then turned to a group of sisters from Bishop Shanahan High School to greet and bless them, according to a Fox News.

It’s not the first time the pope has stopped for a tender moment with a child in a wheelchair during his U.S. visit.

After his plane landed in New York on Thursday, he blessed 12-year-old Julia Buzzese. Later that evening, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, he noticed 17-year-old Stephanie Gabaud, who has spina bifida. He also stopped his motorcade several times to bless children while in D.C.

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