A Turkish Airlines jet resumed its flight from New York to Istanbul after a bomb scare forced it to be diverted to Halifax. (Nov. 22)

A Southwest Airlines flight made an unscheduled landing in Kansas City on Sunday because of suspicious behavior of several passengers, but no explosives were found aboard the plane and the flight later resumed, officials said.

Flight 5929 from Indianapolis to Los Angeles landed in Kansas City about 7:50 a.m., according to airport spokesman Joe McBride. As a precaution, all passengers exited the plane and bomb-sniffing dogs searched the plane, but found no explosives. The flight resumed about 9:30 a.m.

Three passengers were questioned by law enforcement officers, but were rebooked on a later flight, he said.

“The flight crew diverted the flight to Kansas City out of an abundance of caution based upon suspicious behavior displayed by several passengers,” McBride said.

Southwest said the flight arrived in Los Angeles about one hour behind schedule.

“The flight crew made the decision to divert to Kansas City in response to several passengers who did not follow crew instruction upon takeoff and continued to exhibit suspicious behavior inflight,” Southwest said in a statement. “Our crews are responsible for each customer, on every flight and continue to keep safety as their primary focus.”

In separate incidents, Canadian police investigated two bomb threats were reported against planes Saturday night and Sunday morning, but found no explosives on either flight.

The first incident involved a Turkish Airlines flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy airport to Istanbul, which was diverted to Halifax airport at 10:50 p.m. Saturday because of a bomb threat.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia had the 256 people aboard flight 2 exit the plane, which was searched with bomb-sniffing dogs. No explosives were found and the flight resumed Sunday morning.

Another bomb threat was made about 7 a.m. Sunday against WestJet flight 229, before the flight left Halifax bound for Calgary.

The 69 passengers and six crew members exited the plane, which was searched with bomb-sniffing dogs. Again no explosives were found and the flight took off about 10:30 a.m.

The police said they had no further comment on the investigations in their early stages.

The threats came amid heightened security after gun and bomb attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 that killed 130 people.

On Tuesday, Air France flight 55 from Washington’s Dulles airport to Paris was diverted to Halifax because of an anonymous bomb threat. The FBI said an investigation found no credible threat and again Canadian police found no explosive.

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