Jefferson Graham and the #talkingtechLIVE with Back to the Future 2045 predictions for how we’ll be living in 2045.
By Jefferson Graham

VENICE BEACH, Calif. – We went Back to the Future this week big time, since October 21st and 22nd 2015 was when Marty McFly and Doc Brown went 30 years ahead in a souped up Delorean and predicted what life would be like.

Today, let’s go forward another 30 years, to 2045. On this week’s #talkingtechLIVE podcast, we thought it would be fun to dream about how we’ll be living with tech three decades from now.

Our guests:

–Greg Cohn is co-founder of Burner, the app that looks to bring 7-digit phone numbers into the next century–and 30 years into the future!

–Josh Viner is a co-founder of Wag!, an L.A. based dog walking app.

–Allison Mac is an analyst with the Gas Buddy app. On the show, she offers her predictions for the price of gas in 2045.

–Jarek Khan is an actor, musician and personal trainer with a big interest in tech.

–Offer Yehudai is co-founder of mobile ad exchange Inner-active.

–Austin Furey is the host of the Flitetest podcast for drone enthusiasts.

Here’s some of our 2045 conclusions.

Cars: We probably won’t be owning vehicles–instead rides will be on-demand, electric and driverless. It will take us longer to get where we want–since computerized cars will stop at all signs, won’t speed and obey all laws. And we’ll be working even harder–during our commute as well.

Life expectancy–Viner predicted a medical breakthrough that will take us from a current 82 years to 130. Which of course might lead to even more overcrowded cities and all sorts of issues we’ve never had to tackle.

Waiting for packages to arrive will be history. Everything will be instant–either arriving via quick drones or hyperloop technology.

Will the smartphone continue to exist? The panel was mixed on that–they’ll probably exist in some form, for the screen, but not as we know it now.

–My favorite prediction comes from Mac. “Men will wear purses,” she said, adding that they’ll need them for all the gadgetry they’ll be carrying around.

So guys–let’s get busy and go shopping!

Readers–what’s your take on tech in 2045? Let’s chat about it on Twitter, where I’m @jeffersongraham.

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